How to Change Color and Font in Notion

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When it comes to managing everything like projects, tasks, notion templates, fiancé, and commands. Notion is booming into the popularity chart among the power tools. But what people don’t know is besides doing all these tasks, Notion also allows you to change the font style and color. So, like always, we are here to help you learn this new feature easily. We have also brought you some tricks that will allow you to introduce the font style that’s not officially available in Notion. So, let’s dive right into the action, and you will learn some different things about the notion.

Note: You can use the third-party apps and the default notion application also.

While using different types of custom Notion fonts, you can easily create a personalized notion page. Eye-catching notion font style will help you create a notion page on the internet to showcase.

How to Change Fonts in Notion

Let’s start with the official method of changing font style in Notion:

1. Using Official Notion Fonts

There are three Notion fonts available by default, and you can choose between them. They are: default ones, Mono, and Sheriff style. When you start typing on its page, then it will automatically use the default Notion font style.

Firstly, click on the menu that appears as three-dots at the right corner. Then you will see font options so you can choose from the three available.

When you do this, then the font style of the entire page will change to the selected font. This is the problem that Notion doesn’t let its users change the font style of para or heading separately.

2. Changing font by using third-party websites

Third-Party Website to Change fonts in Notion:

The Notion power users use all sorts of different tricks to change the font style in Notion headings.

Note: Now, before you all go fancy with your fonts in the notion. We would suggest you apply your creativity in headings only. Because heavy use of fancy fonts everywhere can spoil your content, and too fancy is not that good.

Now follow us all the way to learn. How to apply fancy fonts through third-party apps.

· Firstly, visit the big fonts using the link below.

· Now just type the text that you want to convert to a different font.

· As you type in the text, you will see different types of font suggestions appear below.

· Now from the drop-down, select the font you want to use in the Notion.

· After selecting the font style, copy the font using CMD/ Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut.

· Now open the notion page on another page.

· When you open the notion, the page navigates to the page where you want to apply the font style.

· Paste the font here by hitting Ctrl+V.

Just like that, it is done, and now you can see the exact font style that you just copied and pasted from the third-party website.

You can also change color in Notion:

So not only can you use fancy fonts, but you can also change the colors of fonts easily. You can just use the ‘/’ command and then type the color that you want for the Notion block. Just follow the steps given below, and it will be done in few easy steps:

· Firstly, open the Notion Page.

· Then use the ‘/’ command to select the inline equation option.

· Just type the color you want, and it will be done. For example, \color{color}text.

· The color in the curly bracket will be the color you want, like {red}. And just like that, it will be done.


You can use these tips and tricks to change the color and font style in your Notion Pages. Also, you can use Notion widgets to make your page look more attractive.

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